Eurofield Information Solutions (EIS) is a Software Development, Publishing and Support Organisation. EIS developed the award-winning eComPress off-line digital reference publishing software with the revolutionary TurboSearch search engine.
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EIS Publishes TurboCoder digital version of the ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS used in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia.

EIS also sells TurboCoder versions of US health classifications:

  • Ultimate Practice TurboCoder (UPT) that includes CPT Codes, HCPCS and ICD-10-CM
  • Ultimate Hospital TurboCoder (UHT) that includes CPT Codes, HCPCS and ICD-10-CM/PCS

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TurboCoder tutorials, resources and downloads

Tutorial 1. Navigation and MultiView Screen
Tutorial 2. Searching
Tutorial 3. Copy & Paste & Smart Table Headings
Tutorial 4. Collaboration in Context with Notes


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